DDT CoverCherrita Lee at Beaming Books has bought author-illustrator Brittany Jacobs’s picture book Duck, Duck, Tiger, about a girl who feels different from everyone around her, like she’s a tiger and everyone else is a duck. The story explores the nuances of queerness at an early age. Publication is scheduled for spring 2023. 


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Healing BreathJoin the award-winning team of writer and teacher Bill Meyer and illustrator Brittany R. Jacobs on a guided meditation journey through rich, colorful landscapes spanning the globe. Breathe into the experience of waves on the ocean, trees in a forest, and the warmth of a desert, and feel your connection to all of life, from barnacles to baboons to falcons and farmers. This magical meditation-in-a-book is idea for anyone who wants to simultaneously calm down and rise up to the world in all its wonders.


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Bear Cover Image Pet lovers will love this story of rescue and rehoming of an adorable golden retriever. A happy ending with a message of care and responsibility – based on a true rescue story!

Big Breath
What parent doesn’t want to give their kids tools to comfort themselves in the midst of a rough day or to wind down before bed? The author of Big Breath sought to translate his experience of meditation — helping him staying calm in the midst of overwhelm, learning to let go of thoughts that churned in his head, and access core bravery and resilience — in a way that would empower kids. Here, with illustrator Brittany Jacobs, William Meyer has done just that. Meyer’s simple gentle prompts, alongside Jacobs’ wonderful illustrations, make meditation as appealing as a game. As kids close their eyes and find “a comfy spot,” they are guided to stretch out and relax their bodies and to feel and picture their breath. Ocean waves? The wind before a storm? Can they picture their thoughts? Big or small, loud or quiet? Subsequent guidance allows kids to play with, rather than be controlled, by their thoughts. They learn to handle their worries, calm their fears, and build life-long resilience.barnes_and_nobleamazon-logo

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Public libraries need to offer relevant, exciting, and stimulating learning centers that appeal to kids. This book is a step-by-step guide for creating affordable and effective educational programs for children and youth by focusing on one simple concept: play.




KrakenIt’s no big surprise that the Kraken has no friends, but he is TIRED OF IT. With a bad temper and a knack for destruction, his talent for meeting new fish is…not so seaworthy. He finds hope when another monster of the deep, a Great White Shark, offers him some RULES FOR MAKING FRIENDS. Will these rules help the most terrifying monster of the deep make a new chum?

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Hello, sixth grade! Mia Lee is a stop-motion filmmaker with a wheelchair and a lot of sass, trying to survive her new middle school.

Written by disability advocate, Melissa Shang, along with her sister, Eva, and illustrated by yours truly.